Why A Pier Association?

In November 1999 a formal Partnership Agreement was established between the Local Authority and the new Pier Association. The main problem thereafter has been finding funds for work demanding to be done. Over three years sufficient was raised to enable bids to be made for the sort of cash needed.

The main source for the Association has been public generosity, without which the Pier Association could not have managed to make any inroads on the essential repairs.

Three examples are:

  1. many local initiatives, from raffles to donations resulting from the profits of several arranged events,
  2. the proceeds from short cruises by the PS Waverley on two Saturday afternoons in 2001 and 2002, for which we are grateful to the Waverley Management team, and
  3. a huge response to a book on the pier’s history specially written for us by the respected steamer historian, Ian McCrorie – many responses have come from across the world.

We have now become a Company Limited by Guarantee and having been awarded grants by Argyll & Bute Council and WHELK, a West Highland consortium to disburse European monies – to enable this support, we are required to take out a lease on the part of the structure it is planned to develop: the ground floor of the pier house. That in turn should enable the Association to become recognised as a charity which will have certain other benefits.

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