The Success Story So Far

September 2004

1. Since 1999, the Tighnabruaich Pier Association has:

Renewed the Place name on the pier head;

Reconstructed the small boat users’ steps on the north east side of the pier head;

Reconnected a fresh water supply for the use of visiting boats;

Repaired and painted all balustrades and hand rails on the pier;

Replaced the flooring within the entrance hall of the pierhouse;

Reglazed all windows in the pierhouse;

Stripped out and reconstructed the former Piermaster’s Office;

Published this Website outlining news and events.

2. Over the same period Argyll and Bute Council has demonstrated its commitment to the pier’s continuance by:

Replacing the main sliding door at the roadside entrance to the pier;

Installing a new vertical steel ladder on the south west side of the pier head;

Replacing and repairing rotten timbers on the pier head.

3. There have been many instances of public generosity. These have included:

A book on the history of the pier specially written by Ian McCrorie: all proceeds on sales donated to the Pier Association

An oil painting of PS Waverley lying alongside the pier by John Lowrie Morrison (Jolomo): auctioned on the Pier in August 2003 for the benefit of the Pier Association.

In addition to certain essential maintenance carried out by Argyll and Bute Council, the Pier Association has completed the first stage of work within the pier’s entrance hall – relaying of flooring and stripping out of the former Piermaster’s Office. This will continue in 2004 and, Planning Permission having now been received, it is intended both to renew existing windows and also to complete work on the Piermaster’s Office with a view to it becoming a small, secure, Heritage Centre.

In the previous couple of years various improvements were made to the pier, as follows:

  • defective hand rails were replaced and painted
  • a new place name sign was been erected
  • new steps on the side of the pier for small boat users were installed
  • for the benefit of visiting boats, the fresh water supply to the pier head was restored.


1 Response to The Success Story So Far

  1. Yacht "Tuvalu" says:

    I have just discovered the water supply at the pier which will be a great boon and a significant factor in continuing to keep my boat at Tighnabruaich. Thank You!

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