Welcome to 2018.

I know, I know, mea culpa.

2017 wasn’t a good year for the Waverley nor, by extension, for the Pier. Bad weather and mechanical problems lost us four visits and associated income and Waverley lost even more down South. She started well this year, however, with her first visit here on 26th May and the season proper begins on 23rd June. We look forward to a better year for Waverley and the Pier.

The Pier Gala Day is on 7th July, when there will be the usual stalls, burgers and ice-cream and a short cruise on Waverley at prices similar to those of  last year. Do try to come and see what we’re doing.

We have a full-blown wedding and reception on the Pier on 19th July and painting and preparations are in full swing. Very romantic,the first of many, we hope. All in all, a brighter prospect for 2018.

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